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Hi! Thanks for choosing us

to make your brand Glo!


 Here is what is needed for your website:


Aside from your logo



Professional photos (taken by a photographer) for your homepage’s banners to have images, otherwise, your home page will be a standard website banner.


If you have an Instagram page, please provide the correct log-in information for the IG to be linked to your homepage website.



 Your about paragraph should describe your brand. What is it that started your business? When did it begin? And why? Why are you selling what you are selling.



For this section, it is important to understand:

● We only upload up to 8 products.

○ Please include appropriate pricing sizing, quantity and descriptions for items.

○ Please make sure the images are appropriate for upload (properly cropped, etc).

● Professional photos (taken by a photographer) are required for your homepage’s banners to have images, otherwise, your home page will be a standard website banner.




Please make sure your policies and shipping/returns are accurate. What are questions your customers may want answers to?



Please ensure that your contact information is correct. It will typically include your social medias and email.


Additionally, please note we are not responsible for the following:


● Your monthly subscription to either or Shopify

● Content creation (content creation can be purchased starting at $150 per page)

● Domain setup

wix/shopify website design includes
Upload LOGO



We cannot begin working on your until we receive all information in full and deposit. We kindly ask that your information for your order is to us within 10 business days. After we receive your information, we will begin working on your order and will be completed within 12-15 business days from receipt of your information. During this time, you will be granted access to view an update before the 15 business day deadline. Should you receive an update prior to the 15 business day deadline, please note that any changes will be rectified after this deadline.


*If we do not hear from you within 20 days after the original update, your order may be subject to cancellation.

*If we do not receive your information within 30 days of purchase, your order is subject to cancellation and a $50 rush fee will be required should you want your order placed back in our queue.


By receiving this document, you agree to the terms and conditions mentioned above.


Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us at or via our website,

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